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You Can’t let an Elephant drive a Racing Car

The latest new book of the series, release date 12th May 2022.
Have you ever seen a weightlifting wombat, or a figure-skating alligator? How about a pole-vaulting hippo, or an octopus . . . playing table tennis?

Get ready for all sorts of hilarious animal antics in this new side-splitting picture book. From zebras playing cricket to a walrus on a mountain bike, this book will make you laugh out loud. Jam-packed with silly animals and all your favourite sports, it’s riotous, irresistible fun!

There’s no hiding it, this book is beautifully illustrated, and very very silly!
Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, creators of the bestselling Supertato series

“Don’t encourage a Hippo to try the Pole-Vault…
That she’s quite the wrong shape isn’t her fault,
But the pole would snap and down she would come
With a horrified look and a very sore bum!”


You Can’t take an Elephant on Holiday

Imagine playing minigolf with meerkats or building a sandcastle with an armadillo! And don’t even think about eating candyfloss when there’s an albatross about!

Jam-packed with crazy creatures, this brilliant book is riotous, laugh-out-loud fun!

Abi Elphinstone.

“A Rhino on a campsite would cause a to-do…
He’d put all the tents up completely askew,

He’d get in a mood, he’d get in a rage,
And charge round the campsite on a rampage.”

Watch children’s author Abi Elphinstone read the story…


You Can’t call an Elephant in an Emergency

An elephant firefighter? A traffic cop sloth? A paramedic chimpanzee? What a catastrophe! In case of emergency, you’d do best to avoid ALL of these creatures. Find out why in this hilarious picture book filled with the most unlikely rescue attempts. This brilliant book is bursting with all sorts of emergency vehicles and crazy creatures. Nee-nar! Nee-nar!

“Never have a sloth as a traffic cop…
Sloths sleep all day, he’d just be a flop.
He’d yawn and doze off in open view
While hundreds of cars are forced to queue!”


You Can’t let an Elephant drive a Digger

An elephant driving a digger, a polar bear giving you a haircut, a seal preparing a meal, a kangaroo taking you to the loo…Elephant & Co are back. This time the silly animals want to be helpful – but of course they end up causing  chaos.

“Chaotically witty illustrations [will] have little ones squealing with mirth.”
The Evening Standard

“Perfect for children aged around 3 to 6, this is a great book to keep boredom at bay and put a smile on your faces” 

“Don’t join a gorilla for a scooter ride . . .

You’ll wobble and slip, swivel and slide.

But he’ll just beat his chest and go faster.

Be warned this scoot could end in disaster!


You Can’t take an Elephant on the Bus

An elephant on the bus, a tiger on a train, a centipede on roller skates, a hippo in hot air balloons, a pig on skateboards…This book is about silly animals  travelling in very unsuitable vehicles – and of course causing all sorts of havoc.

“Everything you could wish for in a picture book, humour, ridiculous situations and imagination stimulating scenarios. Quite frankly, this is picture book writing and illustration at its very best.”  
Being a Mummy

Also just published as a board book – a square 26-page book with strong cardboard pages, ideal for the very young!

And I wouldn’t put a hippo in a hot air balloon . .
The basket’s too small, there wouldn’t be room.
And if it did fly, with a hippo’s great weight,
it would come crashing down in a terrible state.

“A pig on a skateboard? Another mistake . . .
He’d be too heavy it would probably break.
Or his trotter would totter, unable to grip
and up-and-over the skateboard would flip.”


The story of Tutankhamun

This is the story, illustrated in graphic style by Isabel Greenberg, of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The first part deals with details of his family, his life and his early death. The second part with the magical discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter in 1924.

“Young readers with a yen for Egyptology have a treat in store with The Story of Tutankhamun (Bloomsbury), a richly involving non-fiction title from Patricia Cleveland-Peck, interlaid with Isabel Greenberg’s charismatic illustrations. Moving smoothly from the boy king’s daily life to the discovery and excavation of his tomb, it’s packed with accessible, intriguing information.”
Imogen Russell Williams – The Guardian


Tutankhamun’s Last Journey
Maia and Tutankhamun were like brother and sister – so when the young king died suddenly, Maia missed him greatly. Tutankhamun is given everything he could possibly need for his journey to the afterlife. But Maia realises something very important has been forgotten … Will she be able to get it to Tutankhamun in time?

  • Highly engaging, illustrated picture book to be read out loud to children aged 6–7
  • Ideal for reading aloud at home with your child
  • Helps expose your child to rich language and curriculum-linked vocabulary 
  • Includes key terms from History and the topic area of ancient Egypt
  • Part of the Bug Club reading series used in over 3500 schools

‘These books are a great start to addressing the wider curriculum and the vocabulary issues that schools are identifying.’ – Assistant Head, Primary Academy


Pumpkin Power

This book in the Bloomsbury Young Readers series tells the story of what happened after Cinderella met her Prince. Did they live happily ever after? Well like many people they had money worries but with the help of the fairy godmother they overcame them – and they never forgot  that it was thanks to seven fat seeds…

“This magical retelling of a classic fairy tale from best selling author Patricia Cleveland-Peck is perfect for children who are learning to read by themselves and for Key Stage 1. It features magical illustrations from Hannah Marks and quirky characters young readers will find hard to resist.”
Love reading 4 Kids


The Queen’s Spaghetti

Queen Nellie and King Jim live in a big old castle with lots of friendly animals, and after a long day the Queen decides to cook the King’s favourite dinner – spaghetti! She sings as she stirs, but oh no – it just keeps growing! Can Queen Nellie find anyone to help clean it all up before King Jim gets home? A funny, wiggly story with lots of friendly faces and much too much spaghetti!

“This is one of our all time favourite books. The cover just about sums up the wiggly spaghetti that covers every page, just about. It’s about a queen who decides to make spaghetti for the king’s evening meal. Of course, she makes far too much and the story gets sillier and sillier! If you love spaghetti and enjoy a giggle, it’s a great book to read!”
Ashbee Top star reviews

Illustrations for the Elephant series published by Bloomsbury are by DAVID TAZZYMAN

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